cpaptape is a daily-use sleeping strip designed to keep the mouth closed while sleeping. cpaptape helps train the mouth to remain closed and prevent airleaks out of the mouth.

Hero CPAP pillow

The Hero pillow is designed exclusively for CPAP users. Unique custom contours reduce pressure points that often cause mask leaks. Includes 2 plush pillow covers for cleaning and comfort.

cpap hose cover

Our CPAP hose cover can help to keep the air inside the hose warm, which can make it more comfortable to breathe in during cold weather or in a cold room. It also makes it easier to keep the hose clean by providing a barrier that can protect it from dust and other debris and can help to reduce noise created by the flow of air through the hose, which can make it easier to sleep.

cpap mask liner

Our CPAP mask liners can help to reduce skin irritation and pressure sores caused by the mask rubbing against the face. They can also help to prevent red marks and discomfort caused by the mask and minimize the amount of oils, dirt and bacteria that can build up on the mask, which can improve the overall hygiene of the therapy.

cpap adapter

Our universal connector makes it possible to connect your preferred or current CPAP mask to your AirMini travel device.

cpap chin strap

Our chin strap can be used to help keep your mouth closed while you are using a CPAP machine

cpap strap cover

cpaphero's soft polar fleece CPAP mask headgear strap covers help reduce skin irritation, redness, and strap pressure marks. They are easy to cut for a custom fit, and the Velcro closure makes them easy to put on and adjust.

cpap neck pad

The CPAP Mask Neck Pad protects skin from the CPAP mask headgear straps to reduce irritation, redness, neck chaffing, and strap marks. Added coverage behind the neck offers more comfort.

cpap balm

CPAP balm helps reduce redness and irritation from masks and straps. Moisturizing aloe vera and vitamins help patients wake up feeling fresher than before and protects skin from long-term drying and cracking.

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