CPAP Mask & Tube Cleaning Brush Kit

The CPAPhero CPAP Mask & Tube Cleaning Brush Kit features two universal brushes that make it easy to clean the hard to reach parts of your CPAP mask, CPAP tubing and humidifier water chamber.

The universal tube brush features double-ended brushes and a 6’6″ total length to thoroughly clean the entire CPAP hose. The flexible handle makes it easy to fold for compact storage.

The shorter universal mask brush offers a sturdier handle that won’t easy bend or flex when cleaning your CPAP mask, humidifier water chamber or hose input port.

The soft, fan-tipped bristles of both brushes won’t cause damage to your CPAP equipment making this cleaning brush kit an essential accessory for any CPAP users.

  • Includes two versatile cleaning brushes with 8-in-1 uses
  • Soft bristles won’t cause damage to the CPAP mask or CPAP tubing
  • Universal CPAP Tube Brush
    • use with standard (19mm), slimline (15mm) and heated tubing
    • double-ended with one 0.78″ and one 0.59″ wide brush
    • 5″ brush length | 6’6″ total length
    • ultra-flexible rod allows for cleaning through the entire tube
    • can be easily folded for compact storage
  • Universal CPAP Mask Brush
    • 0.78″ width brush | 3″ brush length | 7.25″ total length
    • sturdy design won’t easily bend or flex during cleaning
  • Includes 1 universal CPAP tube brush and 1 universal CPAP mask brush
ITEM #  BRUSH 1 Tube Brush & 1 Mask Brush per Pack Case of 50

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