CPAP Hose Cover

Does condensation build up in your CPAP hose, cause a gurgling noise and move up your CPAP tubing to your CPAP mask and spray you in the face? This is called CPAP rainout and it happens when the air traveling through your CPAP hose is warmer than the room air.

The CPAP Hose Cover insulates your CPAP hose from the cooler room air to reduce condensation and prevent CPAP rainout. The polar fleece fabric protects the CPAP tubing and helps reduce noise from the hose dragging across bedding or other furniture.

  • Soft brushed polar fleece outer fabric with satin inner lining
  • Insulates your CPAP hose to prevent rainout (condensation buildup)
  • Creates a soft barrier between the hard tubing and the skin
  • Helps reduce noise from the hose dragging across furniture & bedding
  • Full length nylon zipper with pull makes it easy to put on and take off
  • Unique fabric flap tucks the zipper away to keep it from moving
  • Machine wash and air dry or dry on low heat
  • Fits all CPAP/BiPAP tubing – available in 6’, 8’ and 10’ lengths
ITEM #  HC6FT 6’ length Case of 50
ITEM #  HC8FT 8’ length Case of 50
ITEM #  HC10FT 10’ length Case of 50

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